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Shrewsbury Information

Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire. It is positioned on the banks of the River Severn and has an estimated population exceeding 70,000 inhabitants.

Shrewsbury is a market town which has a largely unaltered street plan from medieval times with more than 6o0 buildings, several of which are fine examples of timber framed residences from the 15th and 16th centuries. Shrewsbury Castle which was founded in the year 1074 is a red sandstone fortification that was utilised as offices and a meeting place by the council until 1981. Shrewsbury Abbey was founded in 1083 by Roger de Montgomery and was once a Benedictine Monastery.

Shrewsbury historically had been a wool producing and brewing centre. Professional horticulture is still common in the area and the towns Flower Show is a large annual event known throughout the United Kingdom.

In the early days Shrewsbury was called Pengwern, or 'alder hill', and was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Powys. In old English the name was Scrobbesburh, which probably meant, 'Fortified place in the bushes' or 'Scrobb's Fort'. That name eventually evolved to Shrewsbury and Salopia/Salop which is still an alternate name for the town and its county. Its Welsh name is Amwythig meaning, 'Fortified place'.

From ancient times, the geographic location of the town made it the site of many battles between the Welsh and the English.

Less than eight kilometres to the South East of Shrewsbury was the village Wroxeler, once the 4th largest Roman city in Britain, known then as Viroconium. During the Dark Ages, it was probably an alternate seat for the Kingdom of Powys, known then as Caer Guricon.

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