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Reading Information

Reading which is a large town or borough and the county seat of Berkshire, was an influential centre during the medieval times. This is the site of the Reading Abbey, which is a monastery that has strong Royal connections.

This town played a significant role in English Civil War, experiencing a severe economic loss due to the major siege that accounted for a major trade loss. In addition, it played a decisive role during the 1688 Glorious Revolution. The only substantial military action in the revolution took place in the town's streets.

Developments in baking, brewing, seed growing and the Great Western Railway helped the town's economic redevelopment. Today, insurance and information Technology are the heart of the city's commercial centre and in spite of the distance to London (66 km West of London); there is a large influx of daily commuters.

Evidence points to the settlement of Reading in the 700s. In 1525, it was by economic measurement, Berkshire's largest town. Tax returns from that period show Reading as the number ten town by taxable wealth in England. By the turn of 1600, its population was more than 5,000 residents and its economy thrived in the textile trade. Major iron works sprung up during the 1700s and the emergence of an ale brewing trade made it famous. The 1800s saw the town become a major manufacturing centre. Factors such as employment, income, health and worker's skills rank the city among the top in economic success in the United Kingdom.

The annual Reading Festival at the University of Reading is one of the largest music festivals in England. Additionally, more than 15,000 runners compete in the annual Reading Half Marathon. The Reading FC and London Irish Rugby are sports teams based in Reading.

The 2011 census estimated the Reading/Wokingham metropolitan area's population to be 318,000.

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