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Nottingham Employment Tribunal (Midlands East)
Nottingham Justice Centre
Carrington Street

DX: 719030 Nottingham 32

Telephone: 0115 947 5701
Fax: 01264 785 076

HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7122

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Nottingham Information

Nottingham is a city of Nottinghamshire, equidistant between Sheffield to its north and Leicester to its south and 127 km north of London.

Nottingham is of course linked to the legendary Robin Hood but also Raleigh bicycles, lace making and the tobacco industry. Queen Victoria granted its charter as a city in 1897 during Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. As a tourist destination, it was estimated that in 2011 the sum of £1.5 billion was spent there by tourists, which amounts to the sixth highest of any city in England.

According to census reports in 2013, the estimated population was approximately 311,000 within the city proper and 730,000 including outlying urban areas and suburbs. The metropolitan area of Nottingham/Derby's population is estimated around 1.5 million. Its GDP of nearly £33.6 billion is seventh largest among the UK’s metropolitan areas.

The public transportation system in Nottingham is renowned throughout England as an award winner, with the largest municipally owned bus system in England and additionally serviced by the Nottingham Express Transit (a tram system), and the railway station.

During Anglo-Saxon times, the region was a portion of the Kingdom of Mercia, known as Tigguo Cobauc, or the Place of Caves. Ruled by the Saxony Chieftain Snot, it was called "Snotingaham", or the Snot people's homestead. Some believe Nottingham was derived from Snottenga or caves and ham, which is homestead. Although this theory makes sense, it is not the proper English formation of the name.

Originally constructed in 1067 on the River Leen, there is little left of Nottingham Castle. The original Anglo-Saxon settlement later grew into the English Borough of Nottingham, which had law courts and a town hall. Another French settlement grew on the adjacent hill and the land in between was eventually built up whereupon Old Market Square became the city's central focus.

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