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Norwich Information

Norwich is a city along the River Wensum which is an administrative centre and county town for Norfolk. Norwich was England's largest city after London and a very important part of kingdom up until the Industrial Revolution.

In the days of the Roman Empire's occupation, Caistor Saint Edmund was a village about eight kilometres south of contemporary Norwich. A local rhyme tells of the demise of Venta Icenorum, the Roman capital of East Anglia. "Caistor was a city when Norwich was none; Norwich was built of Caistor stone". The Romans mostly deserted their capital and the region of East Anglia by 450 AD and the Anglo-Saxons settled in the area of Norwich from the fifth century.

According to the 2011 census, approximately 132,500 lived within the city proper, the area's extensive suburbs brought the total to over 200,000, those suburbs, and towns include Costessey, Hellesdon, Taverham, Old Catton, Bowthorpe, Thorpe St Andrew, and Sprowston. The Norwich labour market, the area within commuting distance includes nearly 300,000 people. There are nearly 3,500 people within the average square kilometre, making it the fourth most populous regional government district in eastern England.

UNESCO designated Norwich as the first City of Literature in England in 2012.

There are two universities in Norwich being University of East Anglia and Norwich University of Arts. Many foreign students help make up the 15,000-student body population within the city. Located just outside the city, the University of East Anglia started in 1963 by Angus Wilson and Malcolm Bradbury is well known for its programme of creative writing and famous alumni include Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro. Sainsbury Centre on campus is the Visual Arts home and contains many important pieces of art in its collection. Norwich's University of Arts founded in 1845 as Norwich School of Design for regional industry by followers of the art movement. In 2013, it achieved status as a university after previously being an arts college.

Norwich has long identified as a home for liberalism, radical politics, nonconformists, political dissent and the supporters of the arts.

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