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Manchester Employment Tribunal
Alexandra House
14-22 The Parsonage
M3 2JA

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Manchester Information

The city of Manchester and its metropolitan borough, Greater Manchester, are situated in the North West of England. In 2013, the city's population was estimated at just over 500,000 residents. With an approximate 2.5 million population in the Greater Manchester area, it is the third most populated urban area in the United Kingdom.

Manchester is surrounded to the East and North by the Pennines and by the Cheshire plains to its South, the crescent of neighbouring towns help form a large continuous metropolis.

The civilians who settled around the Roman fortress called Mamucium established Mancunium, a variation of the Roman name and Manchester's residents can often be heard referred to by the name Mancunians. The Roman outpost was established here around 79 AD between the River Medlock and the River Irwell. Historically a portion of Lancashire; however, portions of Chesire were included during the 20th century.

Manchester grew tremendously starting early in the 1800s due to a burst of activity in the textile industry. Of course, this was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and Manchester became the first industrialised city in the world.

Manchester rose to city status in 1853 which was Britain's first new city in more than three hundred years. The Manchester Ship Canal, which at that time was the world's longest river canal opened in the 1890s which created Manchester's port with a link to the sea, some 58 kilometres away.

After WWII, most of Manchester's manufacturing and textile mills closed down or moved to Asia or other parts of the world where labour was cheaper and Manchester saw a turn down in economic fortunes, the extensive reconstruction subsequent to the 1996 IRA bombing spurred new investments. Today, the city's economy ranks third highest in the UK with an approximate GDP of 60 billion pounds in 2014.

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