London East Employment Tribunal (Stratford - Tower Hamlets)

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London East Employment Tribunal (Stratford - Tower Hamlets)
2nd Floor
Anchorage House
2 Clove Crescent
Tower Hamlets
E14 2BE

Telephone: 0207 538 6161
Fax: 0207 538 6210

HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7122

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Stratford Information

Stratford is a district of London and a town that is part of the Newham Borough within the West Ham located 10 km North East of Charing Cross.

As a historical agrarian settlement, the ancient parish in West Ham is in the County of Essex. The settlement changed after the introduction of the railway in 1839 to an industrialised suburb and Stratford realised a substantial population growth.

In 1886, due mainly to its growth, it became the West Ham administrative centre and eventually became a portion of Greater London in 1965. Stratford's most current economic history underpins a move toward a cultural and commercial centre rather than the heavy industrial background tied to the railway. London's Olympic Park and the 2012 Olympic Games have contributed significantly to Stratford's recent expansion and regeneration.

The first historical references to its name were in 1067, the name Staetforda combines the Old English staet with ford to mean, 'Ford on a Roman street'. The ford was between London and Colchester across one of the River Lea's many tributaries, somewhere West of that settlement. Bow, on the other side of the river, which is now Tower Hamlets, was also called Stratford with many different suffixes and prefixes utilised to differentiate the two.

The Stratford Centre and Westfield Stratford City which consist of more than 350 stores creating one of Europe's largest shopping centres are situated on opposite sides of Stratford Station. Older Stratford Centre has a wide range of more reasonably priced shops, with outdoor and indoor market style stalls and a network of small retail, or 'inshop' outlets.

The impressive John the Evangelist Church which was completed in 1834 is situated on Stratford Broadway and was built by Edward Blore in the Early English grey-brick style. Its notable features include the three stage tower, capped by the spire which is supported by flying buttresses.

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