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Inverness Employment Tribunal
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Inverness Information

Inverness is Inbhir Nis in Scottish Gaelic, which means 'Mouth of the River Ness'. It is the northernmost city in the United Kingdom and rests within the Great Glen at its north-eastern boundary where the River Ness passes the Moray Firth.

Of late the population of greater Inverness has grown by over 20% and Inverness is one of Europe's fastest developing cities, with a third of the Highland population living in or around the city. It placed 5th out of 189 British cities for its quality of life, which is the highest of any Scottish city.

Inverness is close to two significant battle sites: the Blar nam Feinne in the 11th century, taking place in The Aird against Norway and the Battle Culloden that took place on the Culloden Moor in the 18th century. A Gaelic King, properly known as MacBethad mac Findlaech or MacBeth whose 11th-century massacre of King Duncan was memorialised in Shakespeare's play Macbeth, held the castle in the city where he reigned as Mormaer.

Inverness and the Central Highlands have the largest economic production per individual in Scotland. Inverness ranks as the second highest producer per capita in the UK overall.

Inverness is twinned with Augsburg in Germany and Saint-Valery-en-Caux and La Baule both in France.

In 2014, an assessment by a property website labelled Inverness as the happiest place in Scotland and the second happiest in the UK. By a new study conducted in 2015, Inverness was once more found to be the happiest place in Scotland.

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