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Huntingdon Information

Huntingdon is a market town in Cambridgeshire on the banks of the River Ouse, close to Peterborough. It was granted a Royal Charter in the 13th century and is the location of the district council.

The town experiences a temperate climate, without extremes of temperature or precipitation and is one of the driest places in Britain.

The town has a long history with records showing that it was established by the Danes and Anglo Saxons as a crossing point of the River Ouse thereby giving it a valuable trading position as a market town.

The town has a strong political record being represented in Parliament by Oliver Cromwell who was born in Huntingdon and former Prime Minister John Major. Both Oliver Cromwell and Samuel Pepys attended Huntingdon Grammar School.

One of the oldest buildings is the George Hotel which was a coaching inn being owned by Oliver Cromwell’s grandfather and visited by highwayman Dick Turpin and King Charles I who made it his military headquarters.

There are three RAF stations in close proximity to Huntingdon being RAF Brampton, RAF Wyton and RAF Alconbury occupied by the US Air Force.

The local flood plain known as Portholme Meadow is the largest meadow in the UK extending to about 250 acres and is the only known habitat of the Marsh Dandelion in the UK.

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