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Exeter Employment Tribunal
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Keble House
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Exeter Information

Exeter is a historic city in Devon with a population that exceeds 100,000 and is the county town. Devon County Council is the local administrative authority which currently has the status of a non-metropolitan district. Exeter's city council is a district authority which shares responsibility with the Devon County Assembly.

Politically most of Exeter sits in a marginal constituency with the MP usually being a member of the Government of the time.

The name of Exeter is a development of the Old English word 'Escanceaster', which came from the River Exe and the Old English suffix 'ceaster' used to mark important fortified towns. The Welsh name for the metropolis is Caerwysg, which also means 'fortress on the Exe'. The name Exe is Celtic and means water or more accurately 'full of fish'.

Exeter is built on the Eastern bank of the River Exe on a ridge of land in front of a steep hill adjacent to a wide flood plain. Historically this was the lowest point that it was possible to bridge the river where it was tidal and navigable.

Exeter was the most South Westerly Roman settlement in Britain established in AD55.

Exeter Cathedral was established in the 11th century originally as a Catholic place of worship which became Anglican during the Reformation.

As part of the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II a Lord Mayor was appointed in Exeter. The first Lord Mayor of Exeter was appointed to the position in 2002, when Letters Patent were bestowed to the metropolis in the course of a visit by the Queen. Exeter City Council voted for the city to become a Unitary Authority which was sanctioned by Government in 2010.

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