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Edinburgh Employment Tribunal
54-56 Melville Street

DX: ED147 Edinburgh

Email: edinburghet@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk
Telephone: 0131 226 5584
Fax: 0131 220 6847

HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7122

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Edinburgh Information

Edinburgh is Dun Eideann in Scottish Gaelic. The term "Edin", is the derivation of the city's designation and probably Brittainy Celtic from Cumbria, which was enunciated by the Votadini, an Iron Age tribe. It may have been from a location named "Eidyn" which was cited in the Old Welsh epic poem Y Gododdin.

Edinburgh is the Scotland's capital city. It is situated in Lothian, located along the south coastline Firth of Forth. Edinburgh is the 2nd most densely packed metropolis in Scotland after Glasgow. It is placed 7th as the most densely inhabited area in the UK. The Edinburgh area has over 1,000,000 inhabitants with the city’s population standing at almost 500,000.

Edinburgh has been the Scottish capital since the 15th century. It is the location for the Scottish Assembly. It is home to many domestic establishments such as Scotland's National Museum, Scotland's National Library and the National Gallery of Scotland. The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland also takes place in the metropolis every year. Edinburgh is the biggest financial hub in the United Kingdom outside London.

The city has sustained its prominence a centre of education, law, engineering, science and medicine. Edinburgh University which was founded in 1582 is in the top 20 World University Rank. Edinburgh is known globally for its International Festival & the International Arts festival, known as the Fringe.

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