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Dundee Information

The City of Dundee is ranked 51st as the most populous built-up area in the United Kingdom. Dundee's documented number of residents reached a peak of 182,204 during the census in 1971. Dundee forms one of the 32 areas in Scotland for local administration.

The name 'Dundee' is 'Dun De' in Scottish Gaelic. It is composed of two parts, which is the customary Celtic appellation component 'dun' which denotes fort; and a second part that may perhaps derive from a Celtic component, associated with the Gaelic 'De', indicating 'fire'. Dundee is now sanctioned as 'One City, Many Discoveries'.

The city of Dundee is situated within the eastern central Lowlands to the north of the Firth of Tay.

In medieval times, the city urbanised into a burgh, and grew rapidly during 19th century mainly because of the jute industry. together with the city's other key industries, jute gave Dundee its designation as city of 'jute, jam and journalism'.

Dundee was given the Royal Burgh standing on the day that John Balliol was crowned as King of Scotland in 1292. The City of Dundee District Council was formed in 1975, implementing boundaries ratified in the Local Government Act 1973. Under these restrictions, the Angus burgh and region of Monifieth, and the Perth electoral sector of Longforgan had been combined with the municipality of Dundee.

The Dundee City unitary board was formed in 1996, subsequent to the enactment of the Local Government Scotland Act 1994, positioning Monifieth and Invergowriein the unitary authorities of Angus and Perth and Kinross, widely reinstating the pre-1975 district limitations. Disputes have arisen as a product of these changes in limitation, with the councillors of Dundee city not approving for the reoccurrence of Monifieth and Invergowrie.

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