Burnley Employment Tribunal

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Burnley Employment Tribunal
Burnley Combined Court Centre
Hammerton Street
BB11 1XD

DX: 743570 Manchester 66

Email: manchesteret@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk
Phone 0161 833 6100
Fax 0870 739 4433

HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7122

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Burnley Information

Burnley is a market town in Lancashire with a population on excess of 70,000 inhabitants. The name of Burnley developed from the old English of 'Meadow by the River'. There is some evidence that a Roman road passed through what is now the town however there is no evidence of Roman settlement. The first settlement appears after the Norman Conquest when a church was built by the monks of Pontefract Abbey.

The town started as a result agriculture and the development of a market over 700 years ago. The town previously known for the manufacture of woollen products became a centre of the cotton industry during the Industrial Revolution and its continued prosperity resulted in the building of numerous mills producing cotton cloth and associated engineering businesses in the wake of the cotton industry. Burnley still has a strong manufacturing sector with rail and motorway links to Manchester and Leeds. The establishment of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in 1796 brought an upturn to the town's prosperity ensuring the raw materials and finished goods could be transported cheaply and efficiently. Burnley was ideally situated in a valley, close to the confluence of three rivers to harness the water power necessary to drive the equipment in the mills. The local coal mines provided fuel during the steam era and customers for the engineering works.

In more recent times there has been widespread redevelopment in the town centre with large sectors being demolished to make way for modern developments including a shopping centre, bus station, flats and office buildings.

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