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Bristol Information

Bristol is a municipality located in the southwest part of England. The name 'Bristol' came from Brycgstow (Old English for "the place at the bridge"). The county consists of almost 500,000 inhabitants. The people who live in the Bristol are identified as 'Bristolians'. It is ranked sixth as England's most crowded metropolis and ranked eighth in the United Kingdom. It is placed second as the most congested metropolis in Southern England with London being the first.

The city started at the confluence of the Rivers Frome and Avon where citadels and cabins were erected similar to the Iron Age hill forts and Roman villas in the local area. A Royal Charter was thereafter granted to Bristol in the 12th century. Bristol was subsequently eclipsed during the industrial revolution by the swift progression of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Since its earliest days Bristol's wealth has always been linked with the sea. Journeys of exploration to the New World used it as a base and in 1497, John Cabot was the first European, on a vessel out of Bristol, to land on North America. Consequently, a Bristol trader called William Weston was the first Englishman to conduct an exploration to North America, in 1499.

Originally, before commercial shipping relocated from Bristol Harbour to the Severn Estuary at Avonmouth, the Port of Bristol was in the heart of the city. One can find the Royal Portbury Dock on the western side of the metropolis. Its economy has recently hinged on the creative media, electronics and aerospace businesses. The city-centre docks have been developed as centres of heritage and culture.

Presently, the city has two universities and an assortment of artistic and sporting organisations and venues. Bristol was named by the UK administration one of England's six science municipalities in 2005. Bristol acquired the European Green Capital Award in 2015.

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