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Brighton Information

Brighton is the ranked number three as the largest conurbation in the south of England, next to London and Bristol. More than half of the Brighton's vicinity mostly rests inside the South Downs National Park. The population of the city of Brighton and Hove is approaching 300,000 people however the Brighton metropolis exceeds 500,000 inhabitants.

Brighton's archaeological history extends to the Bronze Age with Roman and Anglo-Saxon remains. Brighthelmstone's villages were acknowledged in the Domesday Book. The town's significance improved during the Middle Ages as the Old Town urbanized but it deteriorated in the pre-modern era, brought about by assaults, catastrophes, an anguished economy and a waning populace.

Brighton commenced to draw more visitors subsequent to the enhanced road transport to London and became a lodging point for liners sailing to France, during the contemporary era. In addition Brighton grew in prominence as a seaside resort with professed treatment for illnesses.

Brighton was launched as a trendy seashore resort, fortified by the benefaction of the Prince Regent, who devoted his time in the town and built the Royal Pavilion during the Georgian period. Brighton persistently developed and in due course became a major centre of tourism after the arrival of the railways in the 1840s, becoming a prominent destination for voyagers from London.

Throughout the Victorian period, numerous key attractions were erected including the Grand Hotel, the West Pier and the Brighton Palace Pier. The town continued to expand in the 20th century, escalating to incorporate more zones into the town's borders before linking the town of Hove to form the unitary influence of Brighton and Hove in 1997.

Brighton was granted city rank by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the millennium festivities in 2000.

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