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Boston Employment Tribunal
Boston County Court
55 Norfolk Street
PE21 6PE

DX: 719030 Nottingham 32

Telephone: 0115 947 5701
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Boston Information

Boston is a town located in Lincolnshire which is the biggest municipality of the wider Borough of Boston indigenous administrative region. The district now has an overall populace of about 70,000 with Boston town accounting for about half of that number. Boston's inhabitants are branded as Bostonians.

St. Botolph's Church also known as 'The Stump' is one of Boston's most famous landmarks. The Stump is assumed to be the biggest community basilica located in England.

The term Boston is believed to be a short form of the municipality of St Botolph's or the St. Botolph stone. Botolph, was a Saxon monk who set up a monastery on the bank of the Witham River. Boston was not indicated by its designation in The Domesday Book of 1086.

The village of Skirbeck which is now integrated into Boston was the location of two basilicas which predated St. Botolph's Church and one was probably committed to St. Botolph, in what was accordingly Botolph's municipality.

Boston has been a centre of trade for over 1,000 years with its port areas situated on the tidal reaches of the River Witham. Taxes on trade in the eleventh and twelfth centuries were less in Boston than in London as a result of which the port prospered.

The town received its charter from Henry VIII in 1545 and Boston had two Members of Parliament from 1552.

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