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Birmingham Employment Tribunal
Centre City Tower
7 Hill Street
B5 4UU

Telephone: 0121 600 7780
Fax: 01264 347 999

HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7122

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Birmingham Information

Birmingham is a metropolitan district in the West Midlands. Its designation can be traced back from the word Bromwicham that evolved into Brummagem. The inhabitants of Birmingham are called 'Brummies' who have dissimilar enunciations and vernaculars.

The district is the biggest British town after London. The city can be found in the built-up zone of the West Midlands, which is the 3rd most populated metropolitan zone in the UK. Its urbanite section is the UK's top two most populous. Furthermore, it's the 9th primary metropolitan zone in Europe.

During the 1700s Birmingham evolved to global prominence at the core in the Midlands Insight and consequent Trade Uprising which had seen the metropolis at the vanguard of global advances in science and technology which generated a sequence of commercial advances that became fundamental to present-day manufacturing civilization.

Birmingham has been hailed as 'the chief manufacturing metropolis in the world' however that title now seems to have been usurped by Shenzhen. The city has large numbers of factories and an extensive range of specific and accomplished trades.

The city is also the largest hub of higher education in the country that is not within the boundary of Greater London. It is also number four in the most-visited metropolis in the United Kingdom by overseas tourists.

The facility zone dominates the economy of Birmingham which has become a vital global commercial hub. The Globalization and World Cities Research Network recognized it as a beta-world urban centre because it is a vital conveyance, trade, occasions and symposium hub. The metropolitan economy is the second prevalent in the United Kingdom after London.

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